Business Owner / Merchant Liability

Nearly 20 years ago, amendments to Louisiana’s law modified the type of liability often faced by business owners and merchants. Now, special requirements are necessary to prove these cases under Louisiana’s merchant and premises liability statutes. Namely, the laws require the plaintiff to show that the owner or merchant created a dangerous condition, that condition caused the accident, and the owner or merchant knew about the condition before the accident occurred.

Defending these claims calls for an intimate awareness of the elements, as well as how each factual scenario can change the outcome. Our representation of countless business owners, restaurant chains, movie theaters, and sporting goods stores makes us quite familiar with these claims and the new developments that constantly occur in this area of the law.

Our firm also deals frequently with the defense and indemnity issues that arise when lessors and lessees are both named as defendants in these types of suits. Knowledge of Louisiana’s rules on the timing and viability of such claims is required in order to provide the best defense in such cases. Whether you are a business owner, merchant, or otherwise need assistance, contact us to learn more about our ability to help you in defending these claims.