Automobile / Uninsured Motorists Litigation

In 2013, the USA Today reported that Louisiana ranked first in the nation in a “dubious” class – that of states with the worst drivers in America. As a result, our firm has been called upon to handle thousands of cases involving rear-end collisions, side-impact crashes and many other types of impacts. In the process, we have compiled a vast array of knowledge pertaining to property damage and bodily injury claims. We use this knowledge on a weekly, if not daily, basis to defend against claims of medical causation. This knowledge is critical in the new age of chronic pain, life care plans and alternative treatment options.

Additionally, we are well versed in the application of Louisiana’s uninsured and underinsured motorist law. The law has far-reaching effects on the way in which such coverage is issued, the requirements on defendants and insurers to respond to such claims in a timely fashion, and the interplay between uninsured motorist coverage and workers’ compensation laws. Our understanding of the law has enabled us to defend our clients’ interests, to save them from otherwise large and onerous judgments, and to avoid any bad faith or penalty consequences that await those who run afoul of Louisiana’s stringent UM requirements.

Our firm is prepared to handle automobile and uninsured motorist claims, no matter what sort of issue you are facing. The client’s needs are put first in our firm, and we stand ready to assist you to defend these claims.