Appellate Practice

The Appellate team at Duplass APLC offers specialized expertise in brief writing and oral advocacy, with experience in both the state and federal appellate court systems. In addition to the quality representation during trial, the Appellate team at Duplass focuses a large part of their practice in superior representation of our clients in appeals and applications for supervisory writ.  Whether defending the firm’s trial court judgments, or seeking appellate consideration of judgments adverse to our clients, the Appellate team masters the research and writing required for a successful outcome. The team understands each appellate court’s unique procedural requirements and tackles any appellate challenge, even handling appeals and applications for review for clients represented by other counsel at the district court level.  The Appellate team is often asked to conduct pre-judgment and post-judgment proceedings and appeals at the request of the client, trial counsel or the client’s insurer. If retained before trial,  we assist trial counsel in preserving appealable issues. Following trial, the Appellate team constructs innovative and strategic arguments, required at the appellate level for positive results.

 Attorneys in this group have extensive experience in both civil appeals, having practiced before the Supreme Court of the United States and the Fifth Circuit Courts of Appeal at the federal level, as well as the Louisiana Supreme Court and the First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Circuit Courts of Appeal in Louisiana.