Metairie Partners Rachel A. Smith and Jade M. Wandell Present Seminar on Diversity and Cross Cultural Training

January 17, 2019

Partners Rachel A. Smith and Jade M. Wandell presented to thirty-eight participants at CCMSI in a first of is kind comprehensive training program specifically addressing Diversity and Cross Cultural training. CCMSI administers individual and group self-insured programs for thousands of companies.  They serve a multitude of industries and employ the most up to date technology and training for claims management.  Special thanks to Haydee Mackey for all of her hard work putting the program together.

The program was held January 16, 2019 in Metairie, LA, and provided legal applications of these emerging topics in Louisiana.  Rachel and Jade offered strategies, practical tips, and advice for incorporating these important issues into the daily aspects of  claims.  Attendees were also provided with real life and legal contexts where knowledge of these techniques can be used to expedite or avoid litigation.  The program was approved and qualified for continuing education credit.

At Duplass, Zwain, Bourgeois, Pfister, Weinstock & Bogart, we completely embrace diversity.  We believe that a diverse and inclusive work environment is critical to the success of our firm where individual outlooks and talents are respected and valued.  We recognize that creating a culture of diversity and inclusion within our firm demands more than policy statements and written goals. It requires continuous effort, focus and action.  In addition to the training program Rachel and Jade presented this week, we present on the topic of Diversity in a multitude of other arenas and actively participate in diversity seminars across the country.

Follow this link to read our full diversity statement.