Comprehensive “Game Plans”

At Duplass APLC, we understand that the total time a case is “open” is key to winning and losing. So, we created a file management philosophy that is concise and tailored to your specific legal needs.

With every new assignment, we immediately assess liability and damage exposure, targeting early dismissal, risk transfer, or resolution of the claim, and crafting a plan of action to reach the best, most cost-effective result. In essence, we identify and perform only tasks that are necessary to win, and avoid performing work for work’s sake.

Our file management system incorporates innovative staffing, effective file management techniques, aggressive discovery practices, and smart claim evaluation to quickly identify cases that are ripe for early dispositive motion practice, settlement, and those cases that must be litigated.

Your cases are assigned to handling attorneys based upon a number of factors:

  • complexity and severity of the liability and damage issues
  • the amount of damage exposure
  • risk transfer opportunities
  • prior claim experience

We also align handling attorneys with specific legal segments, business partners, and claims professionals to ensure continuity of service and a deep understanding of claim management and client relationships. We also track and consider our firm’s relationships with opposing counsel, familiarity with an assigned Judge, and prior experience in a specific venue.

Some of our case­ management techniques are:

  • Informal requests for medical records and settlement demands in cases with clear 100% liability
  • Early discussions with plaintiff’s counsel to identify disputed facts and legal issues
  • Identification of procedural and substantive defenses that can be used for dispositive motions or for leverage with early resolution
  • Immediate contact with claims professional to target case goals and set a plan of action
  • Conduct early social media and internet searches to obtain impeachment information
  • Conduct fast discovery, with a goal of receiving plaintiff’s discovery responses and taking plaintiff’s (and any pertinent witness) depositions all geared to providing a comprehensive evaluation in the first 90 days
  • Request a discovery scheduling order and set all cases for jury trial, as soon as practical, to control the pace of litigation and force plaintiff’s counsel into a defensive position and make decisions

In the end, we want you to have confidence in knowing that, as your firm, we are committed to deliver real, tangible results.